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Management Services

Rent Your Vacant Units
We advertise and place a sign on the property

Tenants are qualified through a thorough screening including:

  • Credit check
  • Job verification
  • Previous landlord references
  • Unlawful detainer check

Owners may take an active part in approving tenants.

A walk-through inspection of the property is made prior to a new tenant taking occupancy. The condition is documented both in writing and photos to avoid confusion over damage responsibility when the tenant vacates.

All rents and deposits are collected and placed into a trust account.

management services

Manage Your Rented Units

  1. Provide complete accounting of all income and expenses each month
  2. Pay all or specified invoices for the property. Each payment from the property account is accompanied by a copy of the original bill for the services rendered.
  3. Hire and supervise maintenance and repair vendors. Only qualified, licensed, and insured vendors offering competitive prices are used.
  4. Serve the initial notices to evict tenants and maintain close contact with the eviction attorney.
  5. Represent you in court actions.
  6. Periodic exterior inspection.
  7. Interior inspections after 3 months of occupancy and a minimum of once each year thereafter; more often if necessary.
  8. Handle all tenant negotiations
  9. 24 hour coverage for emergencies. We act immediately on emergency repairs to ensure a satisfied tenant and minimal property damage.
  10. If you list your property for sale, we will work closely with your agent to assure a smooth transaction for all parties.